Our Services

American Feeding Association Recruitment (AFAR) offers a range of comprehensive services aimed at fulfilling the diverse staffing needs of organizations dedicated to feeding the hungry in America. Our mission is to connect talented and compassionate professionals with opportunities that make a meaningful impact on addressing food insecurity. Here are the key services we provide:

  1. Talent Sourcing and Recruitment: AFAR specializes in identifying and sourcing highly qualified professionals in the field of hunger relief. We work closely with organizations to understand their specific staffing requirements, whether it's for nutritionists, food service managers, community outreach coordinators, volunteers, or program directors. Through targeted advertising, networking, and candidate screening, we ensure a pool of exceptional candidates who possess the skills and dedication necessary to make a difference.

  2. Candidate Screening and Selection: We understand the importance of selecting the right individuals who align with an organization's mission and values. AFAR conducts thorough screening and assessment processes to evaluate candidates' qualifications, experience, and passion for addressing food insecurity. Our goal is to present organizations with a shortlist of highly suitable candidates who possess the right combination of skills, empathy, and commitment to driving positive change.

  3. Professional Development and Training: AFAR is committed to the ongoing growth and development of professionals in the hunger relief sector. We offer resources, workshops, and training opportunities designed to enhance their knowledge, skills, and understanding of the complex challenges surrounding food insecurity. Through continuous learning, we strive to empower individuals with the tools and expertise needed to excel in their roles and make a lasting impact on the communities they serve.

  4. Consultation and Advisory Services: AFAR provides expert consultation and advisory services to organizations seeking guidance on staffing strategies, program development, and best practices in hunger relief. Our team of experienced professionals offers insights and recommendations based on industry expertise and current research, helping organizations optimize their efforts and maximize their impact.

  5. Networking and Collaboration: AFAR believes in the power of collaboration and networking within the hunger relief community. We facilitate connections between organizations, professionals, and stakeholders through networking events, conferences, and online platforms. By fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing, we aim to create a community-driven approach to addressing food insecurity and promoting innovative solutions.

  6. Program Evaluation and Improvement: AFAR offers program evaluation services to assess the effectiveness and impact of hunger relief initiatives. We analyze program outcomes, identify areas for improvement, and provide actionable recommendations to enhance efficiency and efficacy. By continually evaluating and refining programs, we help organizations adapt and grow in their mission to combat hunger.

AFAR is dedicated to supporting organizations in their pursuit of a hunger-free America. Through our comprehensive services, we strive to connect the right talent with the right opportunities, foster professional growth, and drive impactful change in the fight against food insecurity. Together, let's make a difference and build a more nourished and equitable future for all.

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